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puppy files: neighborhood explorer!

Oh guys….guy, guys, guys. I’m heartbroken.

You see, there was this AMAZING rug I had been crushing on for roughly a week. Said rug was originally way out of my price range but on sale for almost 60% off. THEN, I saw an email yesterday advertising a friends and family sale (for an additional 20% off!) that would start at midnight (today). So, I stayed awake and planned for the clock to hit midnight (eastern time, 11pm my time). 11pm comes. I log on. Add the rug to my cart. I start the checkout process. (score! the coupon works!). And then.

The rug is gone. It’s sold out.

So what does a girl do when her dreams are crushed and the world (aka, her home) as she thought she saw it dissipates into thin air? Well, she puts on her big-girl pants, possibly tweets @ the company with grammatically incorrect English, and well…she blogs about her FREAKING CUTE PUP.

Because these pictures make me smile. My two men. Exploring our new neighborhood. This is how I survive.


Travel: Labor Day 2014, Hickory Creek Vineyard

While I might be a week (or so) late in writing this post, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to capture how I felt about our weekend spent at the beautiful Hickory Creek Vineyard in Buchanan, Michigan. We had such a great time! (I mean, who doesn’t love waking up right next to a wine tasting room?)

We found the vineyard in a last minute search for a Labor Day weekend rental with enough safe space for the pups to run. My friend, Palmer, and I are always hoping and wishing for more open, dog-run space here in Chicago, so a random trip to a Michigan vineyard seemed like a perfect idea. Hickory Creek is a beautiful, small production wine vineyard located about two hours outside of Chicago. The property has two main attractions: a beautiful red barn turned wine tasting room + a quaint little farmhouse cottage that sleeps four. See below for a panoramic snap shot of the incredible view!


Inspiration: Summer Dinner Parties

  • Chic table-scape ideas for a summer dinner party.


photography: paris, sacre coeur


Sacre Coeur, Paris, France

most amazing church we visited in Paris!

photography: paris, luxembourg gardens


Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France