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recipe: ham, mozzarella & vegetable frittata

On the weekends, my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. If I’m being honest, I think I spend more time thinking about new ways to creatively enhance my at-home breakfast (read: BRUNCH) experience than I do any other weekend activity. Bacon? Yes, please. Eggs? Toast? French toast? Waffles? Yes, yes, yes and YES please!

Because I love all things weekend-breakfast, I figured it was time I started sharing some of my favorites here on the site. Today’s recipe is one of the easiest egg dishes you could ever make, and it’s my go-to for when I’m tired of the traditional omelette or scrambled eggs routine. I usually include whatever I currently have sitting in my fridge, because no one (and I mean NO ONE) likes early morning grocery store runs.


recipe: roasted eggplant dip

When I think about how I’d like to start developing my recipe section here, my mind immediately goes to two places: 1) having a healthy, working pantry, and 2) entertaining. Today’s recipe (and last week’s) is really about combining the two worlds. What I love most is how easily this dip sneaks in a less-commonly used vegetable: eggplant. The flavors and textures blend wonderfully, and you’re left with a delicious dip that will have you and your guests begging for more.


recipe: Tomato, Artichoke & Basil Dip

It’s super bowl week! I’m excited for the parties. Getting a large group together to watch some football never hurt anybody…especially when I don’t really care who wins this year. So, even if you don’t have a dog in this weekend’s upcoming fight, I know many of you many of you will be hosting or attending some fun watch parties. With that being said, I want to introduce a new favorite: this tomato, artichoke and basil dip. This dip has absolutely risen to the top of my must-make-for-guests list. Simply put, the flavor is amazing and the freshness will not disappoint!


recipe: Arugula & Brussel Sprouts Garden Salad

Over the last few months, I have been trying to step-change my eating habits. More vegetables. Leaner proteins. Seasoning with more herbs vs. salt. Etc. I can’t say it’s been the easiest of transistions, as I will forever be a Mexican food LOVER. I just can’t quit that stuff!

Huevos Racheros anyone?

But what I can say is that I have really developed a love for trying new/odd combinations in salads. Today’s post is exactly that. Raw brussels (my inner 5 year old cringes) mixed with spicy arugula. Throw in some cilantro, leeks, almonds, & dried cranberries and you’ll be drooling at the mouth after you take a bite of this guy. I got the idea for this salad after trying something similar at a restaurant in Kansas City, MO. I made a few edits, and man I’m now in love.


recipe: Steak & Cilantro Breakfast Hash

Lately, I’ve been experimenting a TON with new recipe ideas. New fish recipes, new pasta ideas, easy and healthy snacks, etc. While most of the new recipes I’ve been testing are not yet blog worthy, I must say I love having a refrigerator packed full of new & different ingredients! Said fridge really does help make breakfast, one of my favorite meals of the weekend, a fun place to play. Enter leftover steak, cilantro & fresh veggies.