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puppy files: neighborhood explorer!

Oh guys….guy, guys, guys. I’m heartbroken.

You see, there was this AMAZING rug I had been crushing on for roughly a week. Said rug was originally way out of my price range but on sale for almost 60% off. THEN, I saw an email yesterday advertising a friends and family sale (for an additional 20% off!) that would start at midnight (today). So, I stayed awake and planned for the clock to hit midnight (eastern time, 11pm my time). 11pm comes. I log on. Add the rug to my cart. I start the checkout process. (score! the coupon works!). And then.

The rug is gone. It’s sold out.

So what does a girl do when her dreams are crushed and the world (aka, her home) as she thought she saw it dissipates into thin air? Well, she puts on her big-girl pants, possibly tweets @ the company with grammatically incorrect English, and well…she blogs about her FREAKING CUTE PUP.

Because these pictures make me smile. My two men. Exploring our new neighborhood. This is how I survive.


puppy files: 8 months

I paused long enough this past weekend to realize Winston is already 8 months old…AND it’s been more than 4 months since I provided an update on our little man. 

Instead of waxing poetic about random things, I’ll just go ahead and jump straight into my highlights (and lows) of being a first time puppy parent. Read on for my favorite Winston facts!


puppy files: 4 1/2 months

I snapped this picture early Saturday morning, and I just couldn’t help but share. He’s just so precious. We love him to pieces!

Major milestones over the last few weeks: 

  • He’s had a few accident free days! Balance these days out with several really bad relapse days…but I’ll take a few great days!
  • I caved. He’s sleeping in my bed. He loves it. I love it. He sleeps longer. I sleep longer. #nojudement
  • Tricks! He can sit, lay down and play fetch. We’re now on to more complicated ones…wish me luck!

We keep wondering when his cuteness will fade. As of today, I’m not sure it ever will! He’s growing & evolving into one mighty fine, cute pup. His love of playtime, snuggles & adventure continues to grow…don’t you wish you were along for the ride?!?

Happy Monday!

puppy files: 11 weeks

I can’t believe our little pup is almost 12 weeks old! I’ve decided to do a weekly recap here to capture our growing little man.
As of this week, he is starting to look less puppy-like and more dog-like (if that makes sense???). He’s also discovered his sense of smell and ability to chew household things. (Aka, me falling asleep on the sofa with him and waking up to a chewed cork drink coaster). I’m hoping he’ll learn that the tummy aches aren’t worth the “fun” of chewing…
I’m missing him terribly while I’m on vacation this week, but I know he’s in great hands! A 12 week update coming soon!

puppy files: finding our pup

Our lives forever changed this past weekend when we made what could possibly be the most rash-decision-ever: to get a puppy.