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Making Memories

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve written and rewritten this post at least 10 times? I don’t even want to admit that to myself, let alone to you…BUT, in the spirit of starting off this new season of blogging, I want to be honest in this space. So here’s what happened.


engagement shoot, part 2

20140608 averyhouse web 105

PART TWO! If you somehow didn’t get enough of our engagement pictures last week, today’s post is the perfect fix. Today, I’m sharing my favorite photos from the formal portion of our session with Vanessa from Avery House. I’m so in love with how well these pictures turned out…especially since I could hardly walk for most of the shoot!


engagement shoot, part 1

Engagement Shoot, Part 1

I’m so very excited to share part 1 of our very fun (but very cold!) engagement shoot! After moving our wedding date up more than 60 days (thank you SEC football schedulers), I had a brief moment of panic that we weren’t going to have time to find a great photographer, schedule and successfully execute the type of engagement pictures I had been dreaming of before the weather plummeted. After a few recommendations from friends, Vanessa at Avery House came to our rescue. To say she did an excellent job is a complete understatement!


Travel: Labor Day 2014, Hickory Creek Vineyard

While I might be a week (or so) late in writing this post, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to capture how I felt about our weekend spent at the beautiful Hickory Creek Vineyard in Buchanan, Michigan. We had such a great time! (I mean, who doesn’t love waking up right next to a wine tasting room?)

We found the vineyard in a last minute search for a Labor Day weekend rental with enough safe space for the pups to run. My friend, Palmer, and I are always hoping and wishing for more open, dog-run space here in Chicago, so a random trip to a Michigan vineyard seemed like a perfect idea. Hickory Creek is a beautiful, small production wine vineyard located about two hours outside of Chicago. The property has two main attractions: a beautiful red barn turned wine tasting room + a quaint little farmhouse cottage that sleeps four. See below for a panoramic snap shot of the incredible view!


Welcome back.

”” Hello. Hi. Howdy.

Would you believe me if I said that I’ve had this post queued up for a few weeks, but I keep writing and re-writing the post? I’ve even thought, “hey, if I don’t know what to say, maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all” (queue inner monologue). I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t say that I miss this space. That I miss having a platform to speak my thoughts, channel my creative sparks and engage with a community of incredibly interesting people.

To speak frankly, so much has happened in the few short months while I stopped writing…I don’t really know where to begin. I guess real life is sometimes hard to capture on a computer screen. I figure we should just go ahead and rip off the bandaid, so to speak. I’ll fill you in on what’s happened in my life over the last few months, and then maybe you can just pretend like this little gap never occurred. That’s Megan-speak for my type of non-confrontational method of dealing with things that make me uncomfortable. Kapeesh? Good. Let’s begin. READ FULL POST