Making Memories

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve written and rewritten this post at least 10 times? I don’t even want to admit that to myself, let alone to you…BUT, in the spirit of starting off this new season of blogging, I want to be honest in this space. So here’s what happened.

About a month ago, I got all of these “thank you for your payment” emails from my Girl by the Lake server, URL hosting, and theme rights providers. Apparently “someone” didn’t turn off her automatic renewals and paid for THREE more years of owning this site. I was, frankly, pissed but didn’t know why. I still come here to reference my recipes, and I love having a place where I have memories captured, but to spend all that money on a side project I’m unsure about keeping?!?

THEN, a few weeks ago, my dear great aunt passed away after battling several debilitating illnesses. The time I spent with my family during her funeral and burial was amazing. Going through old pictures, reminiscing about fond memories…I suddenly felt a spurt of inspiration to start journaling/blogging/aka, CAPTURING MEMORIES again. So, I returned from Tennessee and started writing this post. And guys, you should SEE my Google Drive word file where I write my posts…it is PAGES long. Pages of stories. Pages of me waxing poetic about why I want to start blogging again. Pages of nonsense, if you ask me (no one did, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you).  

So here I am on my lunch break at work, where I just said to myself, “To hell with it. I’m going to write what I’m actually thinking, and then go home tonight and post the darn thing.” Who cares that I haven’t actually said much in this post? Maybe I’ve bored you, maybe I haven’t, but writing this version of this post feels really dang good.

Here’s to hopefully posting regularly. I’m not sure what kind of content I’ll produce, but right now, I honestly don’t care. In the meantime, you can enjoy these awesome pictures of my grandfather and his family. We think the picture at the top of this post was taken in the mid-1930s. The bottom two pictures are of my grandfather and his younger sisters taken 10ish years apart. How sweet are they?

Rest in peace my dear, sweet aunt (on the right). You have touched my soul, loved me like a granddaughter, and I will forever miss you.

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