engagement shoot, part 2

20140608 averyhouse web 105

PART TWO! If you somehow didn’t get enough of our engagement pictures last week, today’s post is the perfect fix. Today, I’m sharing my favorite photos from the formal portion of our session with Vanessa from Avery House. I’m so in love with how well these pictures turned out…especially since I could hardly walk for most of the shoot!

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After holding the first part of the shoot near our home and in Lincoln Park, we decided to switch gears and glam ourselves up a bit. We drove down to the North Avenue beach entrance and quickly changed outfits in a nearby diner. Trust me, nothing says glamorous like changing in the bathroom of a cheap diner, but that’s exactly what we did!

Ready for the shoot, I decided to ditch my stilettos for the gold sandals you see in the pictures. Great fashion decision…TERRIBLE weather choice. Let’s just say I lost the feeling in my toes about 15 minutes into the 45 minutes it took us to take these pictures. What you can’t see is me hobbling and limping around due to the lack of use of my toes as they were completely numb. Eric was such a good prop!

20140608 averyhouse web 106

I have to say, I love these pictures on a completely different level than Part One. There’s something about seeing Chicago so clearly laid out + the elegance of our attire that makes me stare at these pictures with such love. We took these pictures at dusk, and guys, Chicago is such a pretty city when the sun sets. Watching our beautiful city light up behind us was such fun. 

Now, on to the rest of the photos!

20140608 averyhouse web 095

20140608 averyhouse web 119

I absolutely adore those last two photos. Some of my favorites!

That’s it for the engagement shoot! My days are now filled with interviewing florists, caterers and deciding between bridesmaid dress colors. I’m getting so excited for our wedding. Honestly, it feels so far away right now, but I just know it will be right around the corner!

So tell me…do you have a favorite picture? Personally, I can’t choose, but I’d love to hear what you think are the best ones!

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