engagement shoot, part 1

Engagement Shoot, Part 1

I’m so very excited to share part 1 of our very fun (but very cold!) engagement shoot! After moving our wedding date up more than 60 days (thank you SEC football schedulers), I had a brief moment of panic that we weren’t going to have time to find a great photographer, schedule and successfully execute the type of engagement pictures I had been dreaming of before the weather plummeted. After a few recommendations from friends, Vanessa at Avery House came to our rescue. To say she did an excellent job is a complete understatement!

After our engagement, I toyed around with many different locations for these pictures. Should we go back to NYC where we met? Fly down to Knoxville where the wedding will be held? Stay local in Chicago? The possibilities were pretty darn endless (just like EVERYTHING else when planning a wedding). HOWEVER, Chicago was the BEST choice, and here’s why. Despite the fact that Eric and I met in NYC over four years ago, Chicago has been the city where we came into our own as a couple. Over our last two years here, we’ve had so many firsts, including getting our awesome pup and buying our first home. We didn’t want to miss an opportunity to have some fun pictures of us in this beautiful city that we love.

So with that, I’ll hush up…mainly because I know many people are just wanting to see the pictures!

20140608 averyhouse web 005

Y’all know I had to have about 25+ pictures of Sir Winston. I mean, just LOOK at that face!

20140608 averyhouse web 009

Here are a few more of my favorites:

20140608 averyhouse web 042

20140608 averyhouse web 045

This is the spot where Eric proposed, located in the heart of Lincoln Park. I loved going back to this spot. So many wonderful memories of me freaking out…worried that people were about to pop out of the bushes…(more to come on our actual engagement soon!)

20140608 averyhouse web 080

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I just love, love, LOVE, lurve, LOOOOOVEEE this one.

And with that, here are the rest of part 1!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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