puppy files: neighborhood explorer!

Oh guys….guy, guys, guys. I’m heartbroken.

You see, there was this AMAZING rug I had been crushing on for roughly a week. Said rug was originally way out of my price range but on sale for almost 60% off. THEN, I saw an email yesterday advertising a friends and family sale (for an additional 20% off!) that would start at midnight (today). So, I stayed awake and planned for the clock to hit midnight (eastern time, 11pm my time). 11pm comes. I log on. Add the rug to my cart. I start the checkout process. (score! the coupon works!). And then.

The rug is gone. It’s sold out.

So what does a girl do when her dreams are crushed and the world (aka, her home) as she thought she saw it dissipates into thin air? Well, she puts on her big-girl pants, possibly tweets @ the company with grammatically incorrect English, and well…she blogs about her FREAKING CUTE PUP.

Because these pictures make me smile. My two men. Exploring our new neighborhood. This is how I survive.

I would be completely remiss if I made this post ONLY about my home decor woes. This post SHOULD be about how awesome Winston has become. He’s so full of life. So energetic that he’s sometimes quite hard to photograph. Especially when there are sights and smells on a new path.

We’ve officially had him for a bit longer than a year. We’ve been through quite a bit during the last year, but Winston made all of those things SO MUCH BETTER. His little face literally lights up when we walk in the door. I love that he loves us so much!

The three of us have had a BLAST learning about our new neighborhood. While our late summer/early fall has been filled with travel, we’re trying really hard to make time for days like I captured here in these photos. I’m trying desperately hard to carve out some favorite spots before the weather turns bad.

So, I’ll leave you with this last photo. Tongue out. Eyes on his target. Ears flopping. Such a fun pup!

(also, Winston has an Instagram account…follow him here!)

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