Travel: Labor Day 2014, Hickory Creek Vineyard

While I might be a week (or so) late in writing this post, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to capture how I felt about our weekend spent at the beautiful Hickory Creek Vineyard in Buchanan, Michigan. We had such a great time! (I mean, who doesn’t love waking up right next to a wine tasting room?)

We found the vineyard in a last minute search for a Labor Day weekend rental with enough safe space for the pups to run. My friend, Palmer, and I are always hoping and wishing for more open, dog-run space here in Chicago, so a random trip to a Michigan vineyard seemed like a perfect idea. Hickory Creek is a beautiful, small production wine vineyard located about two hours outside of Chicago. The property has two main attractions: a beautiful red barn turned wine tasting room + a quaint little farmhouse cottage that sleeps four. See below for a panoramic snap shot of the incredible view!

I was/am/will probably be forever in love with this adorable little house. I don’t know if I could survive a full winter packed inside with four people, but the space was perfect for a long weekend. The lack of a good TV kept us outside. Exploring. Relaxing. Sipping on some great wine.

Meet Winston’s best friend: Mr. Tucker! They had a blast together.

We spent Sunday at the Grand Mere State Park dunes. The hike was a bit (read: majorly) unexpected AND incredibly difficult with or without shoes (choose your poison: hiking with sand-filled shoes or burning your feet on scorching sand), but I wouldn’t trade all of that for the end result. The view (the first picture of this post) was beautiful. The dogs played in Lake Michigan, and the humans worked on our tans. I want to go back to this spot so badly! (as you can see below, Winston had a terrible time…)

I loved the time this trip allowed us to get away and decompress. There’s nothing like some home cooking, free-flowing glasses of wine and wide-open spaces for miles. Reminded me so much of Tennessee…but only a few hours away!

What did everyone else do for this past Labor Day weekend? Did you plan out a big trip, go to a wedding or simply stay at home and relax. Share below!

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