puppy files: 8 months

I paused long enough this past weekend to realize Winston is already 8 months old…AND it’s been more than 4 months since I provided an update on our little man. 

Instead of waxing poetic about random things, I’ll just go ahead and jump straight into my highlights (and lows) of being a first time puppy parent. Read on for my favorite Winston facts!

Puppy parent struggles:

  • Potty training. Living in a Chicago high-rise apartment building has really proven to be extremely challenging for training. The three of us (read: Eric, Winston and myself) hate piling on the coats to ride down 29 floors just to go outside for 3 minutes. We’ve pretty much realized we need to be closer to a bottom floor in the next place we live.
  • Barking. Cavaliers aren’t suppose to be barkers | Winston loves to bark. All. The. Time. (We’re continuing to work with him on this, but we’ve found progress to be VERY slow. He’s just such a happy pup and loves to play and bark!)
  • Stomach issues. His poor little stomach just can’t handle changes in his diet. I’m hoping this will change has he gets a bit older…but I’m starting to think we have a pup with a sensitive stomach. (This has made for long nights and even longer work days)

Now on to some serious Winston love:

  • Snuggle Bear. He just loves a good snug. (sometimes to a fault).
  • Playtime. Fetch, squeaky toys, balls, ropes, socks, napkins…you name it, he likes to play with it. I hope this doesn’t change!
  • Socialite! I thoroughly enjoy watching his sense of adventure and inherent inquisitive nature. Any noise, new person or thing must be investigated!
  • Tricks. I love teaching him tricks. He’s such a quick learner!

I have to admit that I’m sad that our first year is quickly coming to an end. With less than four months before he celebrates his birthday, I find myself trying to fit as much training and conditioning as I possibly can. I’m very interested to see where he’s going to be three, four, six months from now…so I hope you don’t mind all the posts that are bound to keep coming!

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